Provider info for Delta Chat

Aol. (America Online)

Needs preparation.

To enable using AOL, you have to turn on some extra settings:

  1. Log into AOL on the web and navigate to Account Info > Account Security
  2. If two-step verification is set to “ON:”
    • Temporarily turn two-step verification to OFF (you may turn this back after the account is set up in Delta Chat).
    • On the left navigation panel, click Personal Info, then click back to Account Security to refresh the page.
  3. Select Manage app passwords, then from the Select your app pulldown, select “Other App.”
  4. In the text field labeled Enter custom name, enter “Delta Chat”, then click the Generate button.
  5. Copy the password provided as you will need this during the Delta Chat set up. If you write it down manually, leave out the spaces.